Workshops 2018

List of workshops presented at the Prague Shibari Festival 2017:

BurgundyRose & SpringTide:

Joan von Brook:

Kasumi Hourai:

  • My thoughts and philosophy about kinbaku (L1-3)
  • How to communicate with your partner using rope (L1-3)
  • Suspension from my works (L3, registration required)

Pilar Aldea & Nehra Stella:

  • Tying to scare, to laugh, to cry, to excite… (L1-3)
  • To tie without premeditation / unplanned rope structures (L1-3)
  • Intensity and rhythm when we tying. Working with the breath (L1-3)

RopeMarks & Spring:

Sophia Rose:


Yoroï Nicolas:

Zor Neurobashing & Margout Darko:


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