Sophia Rose – Announcing perfomer

Sophia Rose is a rope model, performer and creative (often nude) tattooed lady based in London. She is passionate about freedom of expression, embracing sexuality, and exploring connections between mind/body, pleasure/pain and fears/desires inside and outsides of ropes. Sophia discovered rope at the end of 2013 and has been bottoming for the last 4 years, performing/modeling for around the last 3. Rope has led her to be able to travel for performances, workshops, and festivals within the UK, Europe, and further abroad such as Japan, Russia, and the USA. She has been able to model for, teach alongside, and perform with some incredible riggers, teachers, and artists such as Pedro, Fred Hatt, Anna Bones, Felix Ruckert, Hedwig, and Gestalta.

Sophia has a website, Instagram, Fetlife.

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