Workshop Rope and performance

  • 2018-5-6-R-S-LR-02
  • BurgundyRose and SpringTide

(Presenter: BurgundyRose & SpringTide, Workshop level: L1-3)

“A stage space has two rules: (1) Anything can happen and (2) Something must happen.” – Peter Brook, The Empty Space

Drawing from BurgundyRose’s experi ence making theatre, and her and SpringTide’s insights from developing and watching rope performance, this class will encourage students to think about the different styles and creative possibilities of performing shibari.

From creating character using the body, to storytelling and building a narrative, this class will explore how to develop an emotional arc within your rope scenes, and communicate non-verbally with both your partner and audiences.

This class welcomes all levels, and will include a mixture of discussion and practical exercises.

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