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  • BurgundyRose and SpringTide
  • BurgundyRose and SpringTide
  • BurgundyRose and SpringTide

BurgundyRose and SpringTide started tying together in 2016. The flame for primal energy between the pair was lit in a Takedown class the following Spring, and they have been partners in rope, and in life, ever since.

BurgundyRose is a professional perfo  rmer and theatre maker, and has worked with a number of theatre companies across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Her experience in this field shapes her approach to ropes and style. Dynamic, playful and attentive, she is endlessly curious about people and thrives on the intense headspaces that rope can bring out.

SpringTide prefers to be tied and this tends to be either passive enduring suffering or active, dynamic and co-creative.

Burgundy Rose and SpringTide have embraced many styles of rope through a range of workshops, learning from rigger and model educators such as Fred Hatt, Anna Bones, Sophia Rose, Anna Noctuelle, Gestalta, Pedro Cordas, Gorgone, Wildties, RedSabbath, Barkas, Addie, Miss Eris, Maya Homerton, Soptik, Hedwig.

Presently drawing inspiration from the organic, Naka-style shapes of Tamandua Kinbaku, and the drama and theatricality of Pilar, they are passionate about using ropes, the body, and other props and mediums for emotional expression and creativity.

The pair’s rope home is Anatomie Studio in London, where they entered the rope stage together last year. They have visited and performed in rope communities across the UK, Europe and North America, seeking to build relationships, inspiration and understanding. They’ve created rope poses at several drawn to rope life drawing classes and began delivering rope workshops this year.

Visit BurgundyRose on her Instagram.

SpringTide prefers a private social media presence.

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