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Bob / RopeMarks

RopeMarks, Bob Roos, is a kinbaku professional from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

He is famous for his energetic performances in Japanese rope bondage in which he combines traditional kinbaku with his own distinct and unique style, often at incredible speed. With RopeMarks on stage, you will for sure be entertained by dynamic suspensions, a touch of torture and a sense of humour.

He is passionate about sharing his knowledge about kinbaku and shibari in fun and hands on workshops. In special Masterclasses, he gives enthusiastic rope lovers the understanding that is needed to develop their own styles based on a firm foundation.

Over his career RopeMarks (绳之痕) studied under the lineage of the late Akechi Denki (明智伝鬼) and Nureki Chimou (濡木痴夢男), his work reflects the traditional techniques taught by these leading kinbakushi’s. With over 20 years of experience RopeMarks is considered a kinbakushi in his own right within the worldwide Japanese rope bondage scene.

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Spring is an enthusiastic Dutch rope bunny and part time fetish and nude model, who loves intensity in every possible way.

Already at a young age Spring had kinky and BDSM fantasies that she didn’t explore until 2011. Rope fascinated her from the beginning and after her first experience she was hooked. She started experimenting with rope and BDSM in her private life and gradually moved towards experimenting and modeling in front of the camera, satisfying her exhibitionistic streak.

As a rope bunny, Spring loves being seriously challenged. She experiences (slow) suffering as a sexy and sensual way to a deeper connection in which she can totally surrender. Apart from the physical interaction, she loves the impact of nonverbal communication.

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