Zor Neurobashing & Margout Darko – Announcing perfomer

  • Zor Neurobashing
  • Zor Neurobashing

Zor Neurobashing: is the founder of MadridShibari (2015), an organization focused on shibari teaching and performance organization, and co founder of Madrig Peer Rope (2013), a bi-monthly rope jam/peer rope event in Madrid. He started taking lessons from different japanese masters (Akira Naka, Kazami Ranki, Haruki Yukimura, Osada Steve…) to understand different styles and later also learnt from non-japanese masters to expand his view about ropes (Felix Ruckert, Pilar Aldea, Riccardo Wildties and many more). He has worked for several adult film production companies as a rigger, mainly Kink.com Public Disgrace, but also with House Of Taboo, DDF Network, Eroteric, Lust Films… Regarding styles, he has developed his own style based on creativity and improvisation as a way to improve the rope communication and surprise his models, usually through asymmetric patterns that have been defined several times as Kuzushi. Zor was presenting various times at Eurix Berlin, and gave lessons all around Europe about creativity and asymmetry kuzushi shibari, shibari and photography, ropes for sex/porn and beginners/intermediate/advanced classic shibari.

You can find Zor on Instagram, Fetlife, Tumblr.

Margout Darko: has been a rope model since 2014. She bets on an active bottoming where the model establishes a bidirectional communication with their rigger and have a good knowledge of their body, mind, limitations and needs. She has attended, as a model, advanced workshops of, among others, Kazami Ranki, Riccardo Wildties and Peter Soptik. She has a lot of experience as a rope bottom with great European riggers such as Zor Neurobashing, Andrea Ropes and Michael Ropeknight and is particularly interested in Naka Ryu and Yukimura Ryu. Now she runs Madrid Shibari with her partner Zor giving Shibari workshops around Spain and Europe and performing.

Find out more about Margout on Instagram, Fetlife.


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