Workshop Beauty in the beast – Exploring our power inside the ropes

(Presenter: Sophia Rose, Workshop level: L1-3)

Rope for me, should be about creating powerful and beautiful experiences for yourself and together with your partners. Bottoming is not a passive role. During this workshop we will explore the ways in which we can make the experience the most pleasurable for ourselves, and our partners, from the inside.


  • Exploring non-verbal communication: how to give suggestions, inspire and communicate with your partner with your body
  • Developing better body awareness: how to engage our bodies to make the rope most efficient and pleasurable for ourselves
  • Power of breath and vocalisation: to get into a certain headspace
  • Tips for riggers on reading your partner in ropes: what does that noise/movement/expression really mean?
  • Exercises to put all these things into practice (improv rope games)

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