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  • Joan von Brook
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Joan von Brook is a shibari addict since 2013. First as a rope-bottom, but almost immediately started also tying actively. She have attended many workshops on both sides of ropes. As a rigger, she is mostly influenced by Soptik and Yoroi Nicolas. As a bottom, she greatly benefits from her experience with challenging ties, especially in Naka ryu. Since 2014 you can meet her assisting on workshops organized and taught by Soptik. Her passion is sharing information about rope-bottoming. As a result she has been teaching several workshops on that topic both for floorwork and suspensions in Czech Republic and Netherlands. Recently she has started her own serie  s of workshops for beginners and intermediates. Has various sports and dancing background, loves to look at body and mind as a inseperable unit.

Visit her on Fetlife.

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