Presenting our main headliner: Kasumi Hourai

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We are pleased to announce our main headliner from Japan – Kasumi Hourai.

Hourai was born in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, in 1980. She started her career in BDSM and kinbaku industry in 1999. She has been working as a freelance since she became independent in 2001.


  • 1980s By seeing kinbaku photographs by Norio Sugiura and period drama, realized the beauty and eros of kinbaku.
  • 1990s At the same time as graduating from high school, started working at BDSM club.
  • 2000 Moved to Tokyo by herself to learn kinbaku under the late Denki Akechi. Studied from him for about a year.
  • 2000s After watching performances by many rope artists, started to learn kinbaku at Ichinawa-kai held by Kinoko Hajime for 4 years. Around the same time, learned suspension using bamboo at Kitagawa salon, and became more fascinated by traditional Japanese kinbaku.
  • 2014 Took lessons from Akira Naka for 3 years.
  • 2016 Worked as rope rigger at Kinbaku Sajiki by Norio Sugiura, the master of kinbaku photography, for 2 years.
  • 2018 Work as a freelancer.


  • Hourai offers her original style which combines kinbaku with Japanese culture.
  • She incorporates feminine posturing and movements into the way she ties ropes.
  • Although she prefers traditional Seme-nawa style the best, she adjusts her ropes each time corresponding to who she ties or what they want.
  • Making use of her own experience as a kinbaku model, she develops crisis prevention methods based not only on the theories but also on her experience.


  • Working as a rope rigger at DVD/photo shooting
  • Publishing kinbaku photo albums
  • Holding photo exhibitions
  • Organizing multiple events
  • Kinbaku Performances
  • Producing kinbaku models
  • Teaching private kinbaku lessons
  • Private BDSM/kinbaku sessions for men
  • In addition to these, I accept any job offers which I find interesting, such as private nude photoshoots or performances at Strip Theatre.


  • Holding workshops all over the world (the U. S., Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Sweden, France, England, Denmark etc)



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