Schedule 2023 (autumn)

The schedule will be announced shortly before the festival.

Date and time Space A (TEP39) Space B (Multifunctional hall) Space C
Thursday 7.9.2023
20:30-24:00Pre-party at the festival venue
Friday 8.9.2023
9:30-10:45Door opening, registration
10:45-11:00Festival opening (in the cafe gallery)
11:00-13:00 Ropemarks & the Shady lady: Armbinders and Strappados (L2-3)Ardent & Nikoleta: Tying the model to the rigger’s body (L1-3)Maneemon & Konekokaburi: Influence of Nerves and Circulation in Shibari (L1-3)
14:30-16:30 Belial & Lena: Tools for Assholes (L3)Mino & Louis: How to play with a mistake (L1-3)Maneemon & Konekokaburi: Body Handling, Part Newaza (L1-3)
16:45-18:45 Witch Salt & Idan: Objectification (L3)Shadow: Tying with Qi (L1-3)Belial & Lena: Meaningful actions (L1-3)
20:15-01:00 Bondage jam
11:00-13:00Ropemarks & the Shady lady: Deconstructing and rebuilding the gote (L2-3)Witch Salt & Idan: Exploring hip movement (L1-3)
Belial & Lena: Ranboo (L2-3)
14:30-16:30 Maneemon & Konekokaburi: From Newaza to Suspension: Exploring Advanced Body Handling Techniques (L3)Witch Salt & Idan: Once upon a torture (L1-3)Ardent & Nikoleta: Tips and tricks to add magic to your ropes (L1-3)
16:45-18:45 Soptik & Sansei: Monoblock (L3)Mino & Louis: How to play with difference size between partners (L3)Shadow: Leading and following (L1-3)
22:00-01:00 Bondage jam
11:00-13:00Soptik & Sansei: Strappado in partial and full suspensions (L3)Shadow: Fast and minimal three-ropes self-suspension (L2-3)Maneemon & Konekokaburi: The Shoulder in Shibari (L1-3)
14:30-16:30 Witch Salt & Idan: Ropes and curves (L3)Belial & Lena: Rope and Movement (L1-3)Mino & Louis: Dance together (L2-3)
16:45-18:45 Ropemarks & the Shady lady: One Bamboo, Multiple Positions (L3)Mino & Louis: Go out of your brain (L1-3)Ardent & Nikoleta: Sex on the ground: Simple, Effective, eXciting (L1-3)
20:00-23:00Bondage jam

Door opening at 9:30am on Friday and 10:15am on Saturday and Sunday.

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