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Witch Salt

Witch Salt first encounterd Shibari in 2014 as a rope switch when she and her life partner (Nawa Erabu) visited a Jerusalem-based rope peer gathering where mostly Osada ryu and western rope bondage was taught.

Her passion for kinbaku led her to combine her academic studies with Japan studies, while developing her rope interests at the same time.

After spending a year in Japan and meeting Naka Akira she found her passion in his style, spirit, technique and aestetic.

When she moved back home in 2018, she shifted her focus to rigging and joined the founding team of Morikai studio in Tel Aviv and is one of the managers and educators there, while being taught by Nawa Erabu.

The opportunity to meet and study with Riccardo Wildties was extremely influential in connecting her even farther with Naka Akira’s Semenawa, and to share her passion for the style in her local community.

Witch Salt is passionate about implementing the style’s aestetics with her love for feminization.

FL: s_Witch

IG: @witch_salt


Idan fell in love with shibari in 2020 when he experienced it for the first time and it became an inseparable part of in his BDSM lifestyle.

He sees shibari as a paramount element of his relationship with Witch Salt and BDSM, he sees it as means of self exploration, self development and self realization.

Once upon a torture

(Workshop level: L1-3)

A class focused homage to rope related torture in Japan (Fudal- Edo period).


(Workshop level: L3)

Class focused on exploring a darker side of sessioning with ropes. Conceptual class, requires a bamboo, and participants with fundamental understanding of harnesses, gote and basic line management. (It’s not very technical but better for fundamentals+ people and higher level so tgey can appreciate the content after some time in the field)

Ropes and curves

(Workshop level: L3)

A class focused on feminization and sculpting our models.

Exploring hip movement

(Workshop level: L2-3)

A futomomo-based body manipulation class focused on understanding how hips work,