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The Shady Lady

The Shady Lady is a slightly perverted lady who has been tying regularly with RopeMarks for the past 1,5 years, and her passion for getting tied is growing stronger each day. She sees rope as a means to surrender and suffer for her partner, to enter into an erotic space, to push mental and physical boundaries and to discover what exists inside of her beyond the everyday experience of the self. Although both partners have their own and different experiences in a bondage session, a good bondage session for her creates a spark that moves beyond individual experience (1+1=3). She likes semenawa, Japanese aesthetics, authentic dynamics between rope partners and the creepy and dark desires that can be expressed by rope.


RopeMarks, Bob Roos, is a kinbaku professional from Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

He started studying and specializing himself professionally in Japanese rope bondage (shibari, kinbaku) in 1999. Over his career he studied in the land of the rising sun under the lineage of the late Akechi Denki and Naka Akira. RopeMarks’ work reflects the traditional techniques taught by these leading kinbakushi but is vastly complemented with his own distinct and unique style.

He is famous for his energetic performances in Japanese rope bondage in which he combines traditional kinbaku with his own distinct and unique style, often at incredible speed. With RopeMarks on stage, you will for sure be entertained by dynamic suspensions, a touch of torture and a sense of humour.

He is passionate about sharing his knowledge about kinbaku and shibari in fun and hands-on workshops. In special Masterclasses, he gives enthusiastic rope lovers the understanding that is needed to develop their own styles based on a firm foundation.


IG: ropemarks_official

Armbinders and Strappados

(Workshop level: L2-3)

Besides takate gote, tenshi, and jiai variations (to name a few), armbinders are another great way to tie the arms of the model. Armbinders and strappados can evoke a heightened sense of vulnerability and openness in the model, because they open the chest area. In this workshop, we will take you through a variety of armbinders and strappados, so you can experience for yourself which ones work for you and what they can make you feel.

One Bamboo, Multiple Positions

(Workshop level: L3)

The use of bamboo in tying has become more widespread during recent years. How can we use one bamboo in a dynamic suspension sequence? During this workshop we will cover two sequences in which the bamboo plays an essential role. One of them is a suspension sequence centered around RopeMarks’ fat leg spreader.

Deconstructing and rebuilding the gote

(Workshop level: L2-3)

The gote seems to lose popularity in today’s Western rope scene. Models can experience the gote as uncomfortable or painful, and riggers can experience the gote as complicated. Being able to tie a solid gote is however an essential element of Japanese rope bondage. The gote can be tied in a lot more diverse ways than often understood. In this workshop we will ‘question the gote’ and show and practice surprising interpretations and variations of it, that can help you get creative with a gote that works for both the rigger and the model.