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  • Belial & Lena
  • Belial & Lena
  • Belial & Lena
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Belial first got in touch with ropes in 2010 and hasn’t been able to let go ever since. He draws his inspiration from various styles and teachers, one of them being Barkas who granted him the privilege to teach in his name in 2019, making him the only resident instructor for Barkas Kinbaku in Europe.

Based in Vienna, Belial is one of the instructors at Kinbaku Studio Vienna ( where he regularly supervises the weekly Kinbaku evenings and hosts workshops.

A lot of his tying focuses on the interaction between model and rigger and finding a flow that matches their mood of the day.

His partner describes him as a silly asshole to which he wholeheartedly agrees because life is too short not to have a good laugh.

FL: Belial_X

IG: @pinkponykinbaku


Lenas discovered her passion for kink in 2012, eventually making this passion her life by founding and running penumbra (, her company for handmade fetish gear.

Her way into ropes was a wobbly one. Bondage has always played a part in her endeavors, first as a mere tool to support her desires. It wasn’t until 2016 that she discovered the beauty of shibari as a source of non-verbal communication and emotional outlet. A few years and short breaks from tying later she finally met Belial in 2019, who reignited her love for ropes and accompanies her adventures since as both her rigger and teacher.

FL: rosen-rot

IG: @lena_penumbra


(Workshop level: L2-3)

A brief introduction into Barkas’ first signature style of overwhelming tying. participants are invited to learn how to use ropes for a wild and overwhelming experience that will leave everyone breathless.

Rope and Movement

(Workshop level: L1-3)

This workshop will explore the concepts, intentions, and techniques for moving your partner in body and in mind. Working with simple rope shapes, we will focus on improving the way you interact, providing you tools to clarify your intent and organically shape a scene that reflects both you, and your partners desires.

Meaningful actions

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Every single action has meaning and we are mostly ignorant to the effects of our subconscious ones. We’ll focus on the “less is more approach” and also play with cultural boundaries and stigmas to get the most of every single interaction with your partner.

Tools for Assholes

(Workshop level: L3)

This workshop merely exists because Lena thinks I am a glorious and super cute asshole with an evil grin. It focuses on how to keep the balance between positive and negative stress by reading and reacting to your partners stress signals.

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