Ardent & Nikoleta – Announcing presenter

  • Ardent


Ardent loves D/s in shibari, spanking and rough body play. He likes to bring thrilling emotional and physical sensations, but avoids nasty pain (“you can even caress with a whip”). His way of Captivating tying is based on the idea that the most interesting BDSM tool for the partner is himself and not ropes or other tools. He likes to alternate the drama with tenderness and enjoys any kind of expression and communication. His motto is “Enjoy your partner and yourself!”



Nikoleta has been tying, teaching and experiencing both sides of the rope for over five years. She loves exploring many different styles while being deeply immersed in her emotions that tend to flow even on the outside in almost palpable way.

Tips and tricks to add magic to your ropes

(Workshop level: L1-3)

You and your partner are the most attractive to each other (neither the ropes, nor the complicated rope techniques). Let’s focus on our overall expression so we become more interesting to partner as well as ourselves. It will be physical (grips, manipulations, tying …), as well as emotional (talking, expressions, gestures …).You will get inspiration on how to approach your partner and how to dive into your role naturally. Moreover we will suggest how to process common imperfections and mistakes and integrate them smoothly into the scene.

Be confident and enjoy your partner as well as yourself!

Sex on the ground: Simple, Effective, eXciting

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Tying is a way of cuddling. On the ground we can stay in close connection with our partner. By combining a few simple rope techniques, we build a variety of aesthetic positions serving as functional restraint, either comfortable or challenging to our partners. Because each body and even each situation is unique, we’re going to improvise a little bit. We will find angles and anchors on the partner’s body, which will guide us on our way. Play on the ground invites to tying in an interesting contact way and we will focus also on taking control over the partner from the very first moment.

Tying the model to the rigger’s body

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Have you ever tried it? Tying the model to the rigger’s body can be unexpectedly interesting and can serve as an refreshment among common tying routines. Attaching the model to some part of the rigger’s body can be either torturous or cuddly. We can also use it just temporarily while we tie e.g. futumomo, or when the rigger wants to free his/her hands to treat the model in some way. It’s also interesting to feel such tight connection between the model and the rigger.

We will get you inspiration on how to use rigger’s body as an anchor or a tool to treat your model in another way.