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Shadow fell into a nest of ropes in 2006 and has since been exploring tying and suspending herself, as well as tying other fellow humans, and the occasional rock or piece of driftwood.

She specialises in projects and workshops focused on presence, body-awareness and interactions based on the principles of taijiquan, intuition and our natural link to Nature. She works with energy, natural sounds, bodies and minds in experimental ways. Rope sessions and performances are for her opportunities for stories to develop according to what is present at a precise moment.

She also has a sustained interest in traditional rope-making and has been offering workshops on simple ways to make and repair natural fibre ropes.

Over the years, she has performed at events in London, Amsterdam and Paris (Kinkfest, London Festival or the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage, Rubber Ball, LAM, Bizarre Ball, Absolute Kink, Wasteland, Ball Bizarre, Boudoir Bizarre, Nuit Demonia, L’Oeil d’Eros). After meeting Felix Ruckert in 2008, she began facilitating workshops at Schwelle 7, and has also been a recurrent instructor at Eurix.

FL: MoonlightShadow

Leading and following

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Creating a rope session during which the rigger takes full initiative of the model’s body positioning, and the model refrains from any active anticipation. Not as easy to achieve as it may seem…

Tying with Qi

(Workshop level: L1-3)

What are we talking about? Perspectives on qi from my personal practice and simple exercises aimed at clarifying what people experience as energy.

Fast and minimal three-ropes self-suspension

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Fast and minimal three-ropes self-suspension (inverted or horizontal), the technique can also be used when tying with a partner.

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