Schedule 2022 (autumn)

You can find below complete schedule of the Prague Shibari Festival 2022 (autumn).

Date and time Space A (TEP39) Space B (Multifunctional hall) Space C
Thursday 8.9.2022
20:30-24:00Pre-party at the festival venue
Friday 9.9.2022
9:30-10:45Door opening, registration
10:45-11:00Festival opening (in the cafe gallery)
11:00-13:00 Michael Ropeknight & Saraa – A tale of making prey and a flying bunnny (L3)Joan von Brook: Meet and play! (L1-3)Tori Bands & Fi: Using your Words: Intensifying the impact of your bondage through speaking whilst tying (L1-3)
14:30-16:30 Arnoys Nicolas & Deborah Sarura: Between a rope and a hard place or when the floor is your enemy (L3)Soptik & Sansei: Each rope matters (L2-3)Noirot & Shirin: Breathing techniques and breath restrictions for rope bondage (L1-3)
16:45-18:45 Tifereth & Joan von Brook: Decision trees (L3) Miss Doctor & LilSquirt: Stop Getting On My Nerves – upper extremity (L1-3)Burgundy Rose & Spring Tide: Unruly rope and elicitation (L1-3)
20:15-22:00Bondage jamPerformances:
– Nicolas Arnoys & Deborah Sarura
– Burgundy Rose (self-suspension)
– Tori Bands & Fi
22:00-01:00 Bondage jamBondage jam
Saturday 10.9.2022
11:00-13:00Tifereth & Joan von Brook: Body Manipulation on the Ground (L1-3)Michael Ropeknight & Saraa: Osada-Ryu Takate Kote – the emotional approach (L2-3)Noirot & Shirin: Pressure points for tying (L1-3)
14:30-16:30 Soptik & Sansei: Storytelling in ropes (L2-3)Miss Doctor & LilSquirt: Stop Getting On My Nerves – lower extremity/pelvis + Circulation Issues for Bondage (L1-3)Arnoys Nicolas & Deborah Sarura: Emotional torture (L1-3)
16:45-18:45 Michael Ropeknight & Saraa: An exploring approach to a breathtaking tie (L1-3)Tori Bands & Fi: Shame, Exposure and Eroticisation of your Partner (L1-3)Burgundy Rose & Spring Tide: Rope and performance (L1-3)
20:15-22:00Bondage jamPerformances:
– Tifereth & Joan von Brook
– Soptik & Sansei
22:00-01:00 Bondage jamBondage jam
Sunday 11.9.2022
11:00-13:00Tifereth & Joan von Brook: Put A Stick In It! (L1-3)Miss Doctor & LilSquirt: Tying Different Bodies (L2-3)Burgundy Rose & Spring Tide: Movement, flow and floor transitions (L1-3)
14:30-16:30 Soptik & Sansei: Bamboo crucifixion (L3)Miss Doctor & LilSquirt: You Want My Arm To Go Where?! (L1-3)Noirot & Shirin: Overtying (L2-3)
16:45-18:45 Tori Bands & Fi: Partial Suspensions for Exposure and Shame (L3)Arnoys Nicolas & Deborah Sarura: Screw your partner: a tale of axis and torsion (L1-3)Tifereth & Joan von Brook: The Swiss Armyness (L1-3)
20:00-23:00Bondage jam

Door opening at 9:30am on Friday and 10:15am on Saturday and Sunday.

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