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Ropeknight and Saraa tie together for more than 5 years and teach together on a regular basis.

Saraa is active in the rope community since 2010 mainly as an ukete and has developed a deep knowledge of the fundamental, underlying principles of kinbaku.

Michael Ropeknight ties with rope since his teens and has later on been able to experience different styles of Shibari on various journeys to Japan. He studied with several well-known japanese and western Bakushi before becoming an official student of Osada Steve in 2012. Osada Steve was also the one who introduced him early on to Yukimura Haruki Sensei as he felt their way of communication is quite similar.

As an official instructor in both styles Ropeknight combines the schools of Yukimura-Ryu and Osada-Ryu in an undogmatic way. The key elements of his style are intention and empathy as well as his use of energetic components (Ki). By approaching his model in a creative and powerful, yet calm and deeply emotional way, Michael gives these styles an independent touch.

As the owner of the Fourelements Kinbaku Lounge, he regularly organizes events for beginner to advanced level since 2014 and is travelling to teach in workshops and private lessons.

Find out more at www.ropeknight.com.


An exploring approach to a breathtaking tie

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Most of us want to “take our models breath away” … to leave her/him/it breathless. This workshop is about the different breathing spaces of the body – and how to use more and more rope to restrict them to make the tie a challenge.

We use a flexibel basic pattern everyone can chose and apply more and more tension to communicate during the whole tie


  • This workshop is suitable for all levels from “advanced beginner” to advanced.
  • You should be able to tie a basic pattern like TK or other with hands in back.
  • You need at least 8 pieces of rope

Osada-Ryu Takate Kote – the emotional approach

(Workshop level: L2-3)

The Takate Kote (TK) is one of the most iconic ties known in shibari. We take a closer look at the 3-rope TK of Osada-Ryu, taking into account the tying situation (standing in this case) and hidden techniques (urawaza) to enhance the tie from a mere application of the pattern to an emotional experience.


  • This workshop is suitable for all levels from advanced beginner to advanced.
  • Active participants should be able to tie a decent Takate Kote.
  • You need at least 3 pieces of rope

A tale of making prey and a flying bunny

(Workshop level: L3)

There are numerous approaches to take the first steps of a tying session. If standing one of these is to slip into the roles of a hunter and his prey.

In this workshop we take a look at a simple approach of how to get in charge – maintain control during the tie and lead the session to a straightforward but challenging suspension called usagi-zuri in Osada-Ryu which was developed by the late Takumi-Sensei  (bunny suspension).


  • This workshop is suitable for intermediate to advanced level.
  • Both participants should have some knowledge on suspensions..
  • You need at least 8 pieces of rope, a suspension-ring and two carabiners are recommended.

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