Schedule, preparty, private lessons, COVID-19 measures

The festival schedule is now online – see

Compared to previous years there will be a new private tying room on the first floor to be used during the day.

Telegram group

If you want stay in the loop you can join the Telegram group we have created for the festival. We have sent all participants a mail with link to the group.


If you are in Prague already on Thursday evening, come to our pre-party starting at 20:30. This year it is happening at the festival venue.

Private lessons

Tifereth and Burgundy Rose & Spring Tide are available for private lessons. There will be a dedicated room for private tying / private lessons. Please contact them directly regarding availability, prices, dates…


Entry into the Czech Republic is no longer subject to any special epidemiological conditions to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 disease. The entry-ban for foreigners from third-countries and the obligation to prove infection-free status have been lifted.

There will be no testing upon entry as at previous festivals. We leave personal protection against COVID-19 to your discretion. You might consider wearing face masks during evening performances where we expect the highest concentracion of people.

We will be ventilating the space a lot using windows. Please do not close the windows on your own. It is still summer, but if the temperature is below your comfort, please bring warmer clothes.

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