Tori Bands & Fi – Announcing presenter

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Tori and Fi met at the opening party of Studio Kokoro, and have enjoyed exploring many aspects of rope and life together in the three years that they have been together. Their approach to rope is extremely erotic, focusing on the emotions of both partners, and how their vulnerabilities can be eroticised and enjoyed. Shame and exposure play a large part in their bondage, with both being used to add mental torment to restraint, and Tori can frequently be witnessed whispering in Fi’s ear to use Fi’s own arousal and her own emotions against her. Whilst they are also no strangers to physical torment, Tori prefers when physical torment is aimed at producing a mental, emotional or psychological response, rather than just for pain’s sake, with futility being amongst her favourite things to see when tying Fi.

Over the past three years, they have learned from, and been inspired by, Wykd Dave and Clover, Riccardo Wildties and Red Sabbath, and Kurogami and Shiawase. Whilst their reason for tying is mainly erotic and emotional, they spend a large amount of their time working on more technical elements so that they are able to explore all of the ways in which they inspire each other.


Using your Words: Intensifying the impact of your bondage through speaking whilst tying

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Many people either tie in silence, or don’t feel comfortable that they can say the right thing whilst tying. We will show people how to use the right words whilst tying ichinawa; to intensify the reactions that the tied person is feeling, to provoke reaction, and to expose the mind through showing that their reactions are seen and known.

Shame, Exposure and Eroticisation of your Partner

(Workshop level: L1-3)

This session will lead people through ways in which they can make their partner feel exposed, seen, and eroticised, and how each tying pair can focus on the things that they eroticise about each other, with specific focus on exposing the arousal that it brings and leading the tied person down a shame rabbithole.

Partial Suspensions for Exposure and Shame

(Workshop level: L3)

This session would expand on our other shame workshop, getting people to experiment with the impact of partial suspension on the shame felt by their partner.

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