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Arnoys Nicolas has been practicing ropes for more than 20 years. His work comes from his study of Japanese kinbaku/shibari as well as from his different body practices: Aikido, Thai massage, Tango, Contact-improvisation, System A. …

He lived in Japan for 4 years, where he met his master, Arisue Go, and devoted his time to aikido, japanese culture and rope study.

After coming back to Europe, under the name Nicolas Yoroi, he has developed his style of tying known as Yoroi-ryu.

He has also studied with Tessin Doyama, Kinoko, Ottonawa, Kazami Ranki, Felix Rucker, Shadow, Pedro… and has done many workshops/exchanges with other international presenters.

In his practice, he works mainly with Japanese concepts and applies and adapts them to our (Western) culture and personalities. The point is not to copy Japanese Kinbaku, but to get inspired by it. And to create our own esthetic, connection, and way of practicing.

The style is generally described as minimalist & organic while in motion.

Find out more at his website.

For Deborah ropes is just another way to experiment and challenge the body, just another way to connect to another one, and hopefully reach the point where rational thinking disconnects. Working ever since her beginning in 2013 with Nicolas Arnoys allowed her to experiment a very dynamic approach to tying as well as the search for some extremes, physical or emotional. She brought to her practice, on each side of the rope, the emotional mage ment and body awareness knowledge granted by more than 25 years of working with horses and 15 years of body training.


Screw your partner: a tale of axis and torsion

One of the beauties of Japanese rope is how the body is twisted, screwed, contorted, and unbalanced. The difficulty to maintain a position, to breathe or the necessity to move …

In this workshop, we’ll choose an axis, we’ll fix the axis and then let’s play around !

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Between a rope and a hard place or when the floor is your enemy

Quite often after a suspension touching the floor is a signal of the soon to come release for the person in rope. But what if it were only the beginning? What if the floor became your ally to compress even more your partner?

In this class we are going to research how to make “going to the floor” more and more difficult. Let’s take our time and increase the challenge!

(Workshop level: L3)

Emotional torture

(Workshop level: L1-3)

From the beginning physical pain seems obvious in rope. Even the most comfortable partner may at some point find themselves in difficulty. With experience we learn how to play with pain, challenges and else.

Nicolas and Deborah would like to share their experience on emotional torture. How to create it, how to receive it, how to deal with it ! We would also like to know about your experience and create together short exercises to experience some of our ideas.

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