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Burgundy Rose and Spring Tide started tying together at Anatomie Studio in London in 2016 and they have been partners in rope, and in life, ever since. Burgundy Rose has a background in the performing arts, and this influences her approach to ropes and style. Dynamic, playful and attentive, she is endlessly curious about people and thrives on the intensities, physical and psychological, that rope can bring out. Spring Tide’s relationship with rope tends to be either passive and enduring suffering or active, dynamic and co-creative. In 2019 Burgundy Rose was awarded a ‘Developing Your Creative Practice’ grant from Arts Council England to spend a period of time exploring rope, dance and physical theatre. She is currently training at Circomedia in Bristol on a Vocational Course in Circus Arts. The pair have learnt from a wide range of national and international educators, and are currently most inspired by blending the intensity and aesthetics of ‘traditional’ Japanese Shibari with a more movement-based and deconstructed ‘contemporary’ style. Their shibari teaching, performances and life modelling sessions have taken them to London, Manchester, Bristol, Berlin, Prague, Athens and Portland (USA). Visit BurgundyRose on her Instagram or website.


Movement, flow and floor transitions

(Workshop level: L1-3)
“I’m not so interested in how they move as in what moves them.” Pina Bausch
Breaking away from set patterns and harnesses, this workshop will look at how to use movement and improvisation to create fluid, dynamic and expressive rope scenes on the ground. This workshop will cover:
  • Body manipulation and body handling
  • Tips and tricks for efficient and fluid rope handling
  • One-rope techniques
  • How to fluidly move between shapes on the ground
This class is suitable for all levels, and participants should be prepared to be physically close to their partner.

Unruly rope and objectification

(Workshop level: L1-3) In this workshop, we will use rope to celebrate the visceral, messy, flawed reality of our bodies. How does it feel to take control of someone’s body and bodily functions? How does it feel to lose control and be an object for someone’s amusement? The class will be floor-based, and will explore techniques to elicit different physical and emotional responses. Those who are being tied for this workshop need to be comfortable with a degree of objectification.

Rope and performance

(Workshop level: L1-3) “A stage space has two rules: (1) Anything can happen and (2) Something must happen.” – Peter Brook, The Empty Space Drawing from Burgundy Rose’s experience making theatre and circus performances, this class will encourage students to think about the different styles and creative possibilities of performing shibari to an audience. The class will explore how to open up your rope dynamic to people watching: from initial ideas, the creative process and final product. We will play with creating character using your body, ties and movement quality, alongside storytelling with rope, and how to build narrative and tension. This class is open to all levels, both performers and non-performers.

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