Schedule 2021

Date and timeSpace A (TEP39)Space B (Multifunctional hall)Space C (not used)
Thursday 2.9.2021
21:00-24:00Pre-party at the festival venue
Friday 3.9.2021
9:30-11:00Door opening, registration
11:00-13:00Haag & Husalia: Rhythmic movement and pace (L1-3)Nëya Hive: Rope games – Meet and play! (L1-3)
14:15-16:15RopuNawa & Freya: Breathless Pleasure – The Choker Tie (L3)Alexander & Natasha: MA – Space, time, and in-between (L1-3)
16:30-18:30Kitty Rea: Predicament bondage (L3)Soptik & Sansei: Head Ties and Hair Ties (L1-3)
20:00-01:00Bondage jam
Saturday 4.9.2021
11:00-13:00Haag & Husalia: Physiology and Kinesthetics and mechanics (L1-3)Nëya Hive: Improvised chest harnesses (L1-3)
14:15-16:15Kitty Rea: Torture in rope (L1-3)Alexander & Natasha: The 3rd, 4th, 5th, nth rope – how to enjoy tying a chest (L2-3)
16:30-18:30Soptik & Sansei: Ashi Shibari – from Mermaid to Gyaku Ebi (L3)RopuNawa & Freya: Power Exchange Simplified (L1-3)
20:00-01:00Bondage jam
Sunday 5.9.2021
11:00-13:00Alexander & Natasha: Seme-Nawa, No Patterns: Play! (L3)Haag & Husalia: Structural asymmetry and improvisation (L2-3)
14:15-16:15RopuNawa & Freya: Strappado Torsion (L3)Nëya Hive: Tying to bamboos (L1-3)
16:30-18:30Soptik & Sansei: Shame and exposure (L3)Kitty Rea: Do It Yourself in BDSM and bondage (L1-3)
20:00-23:00Bondage jam

Door opening at 9:30am on Friday and 10:15am on Saturday and Sunday.

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