Nëya – Announcing presenter

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  • Nëya
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Nëya has been tying since 2018, which is relatively a short period of time. However during the first year she went through almost every available workshop, lecture and research group (often repeatedly) and in consequence had risen quickly to an experienced level.

Nëya’s primary interest is improvisation in all aspects: improvised ties, positions as well as whole sessions. She puts great emphasis on technique and safety. Furthermore she’s often incorporating bamboos into her tying and is keen on tying effectively without wasting energy. Her tying is mostly friendly and playful without sexual subtext.

Outside of ropes Nëya’s interests are questions of interpersonal relationships (primarily polyamory) and wax play.


Rope games – Meet and play!

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Do you want to have some fun? Meet new people? Do you want to just play for a bit? Come and get on the festival wave with us. You can join as a couple or as a solo model or rigger. In the beginning we will get to know each other a bit and then we will try a couple of group games in which you can (but definitely don’t have to) change partners or even switch roles (rigger/model). This block is open to anyone and everyone, no experience needed.

Improvised chest harnesses

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Are TKs and strappados simply not your cup of tea? Or are you just looking for a change? Do you want to know a tie that suits multiple body types? Or even better… do you want to be able to adapt chest harnesses to the needs of your partner? Improvisation doesn’t only have to be chaos. In this workshop we will learn to improvise in a structured and intentional way. We will be primarily focusing on chest harnesses (hands included) but the same technique is also applicable for other types of harnesses. We’ll look into possible mistakes and how to fix them or use them to our advantage (leeway in ropes, uneven tension, noncentric structures). Last but not least we will also talk about how to properly do suspensions out of improvised ties and what to watch out for.

Tying to bamboos

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Bamboos will bring a fresh breeze to your tying. In this workshop we will show you all the ways in which bamboos can be used creatively in tying.

We will open up a new dimension of tying while we stay on the floor. We will progress from the very basics of tying to bamboo to the more challenging positions achievable with bamboos.

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