COVID-19: Entry into Czech republic 2021

Travellers arriving from ALL COUNTRIES, including from the “green” countries are requested to fill out Public Health Passenger Locator Form at

Vaccinated persons with an issued national COVID-19 vaccination certificate are allowed to enter Czech republic without any tests nor self-quarantine. Only condition is that at least 14 days have passed since the second dose (same applies for one-dose vaccines).

Travellers coming from countries with a low (green) or medium (orange) risk of COVID-19 transmission (see list of countries) do not need to be tested on arrival to the Czech Republic. If they leave at latest on the fifth day, it is not necessary to be tested at all. It is obligatory to get tested at latest five days after arrival for longer stays unless they already had a valid test not older than 48 hours for AG and 72 hours for RT-PCR test before arrival.

Travellers coming from countries with a high and very high (red) risk of COVID-19 transmission (see list of countries – currently Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, France, Spain, UK, Ireland, Greece, Bulgaria, Litva, Lichtenstein, Estonia and some others) are required to self-quarantine for at least five days and get tested not before the fifth day. Vaccinated persons from such countries are not obliged to be tested or self-quarantine.

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