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  • Kitty Rea

Kitty Rea always finds herself on both sides of the rope. Both a rigger and a bunny, she had the privilege to learn from some of the very best rope wizards, participating in workshops by Gorgone, Gestalta, Tifereth, Eris, Pilar, Andrea Ropes, Esinem, Andrea QuartaCorda, Pedro Cordas, Isabelle Hanikamu, Hajime Kinoko, Bingo Shigonawa, Ren Yagami. She has performed on European stages with Isabelle Hanikamu, Andrea Ropes, Maxim Kalahari, Nina Russ.

She teaches Japanese-inspired bondage for the geeks obsessed with details, owns the bondage space Influx in Bucharest and has taught all around Europe, in both private venues and at international events such as Eurix.


Predicament bondage – How to tie and mindfuck your sub

(Workshop level: L3)

Predicament! It’s edgy, it’s fun, it’s torturous. But how do you get it right? During this workshop we will be learning some of the mechanics of predicament bondage. We will learn how to read the bottom to better asses where the limit is and how to play right on the edges of it. And we will learn how to increase the difficulty up to the barely tolerable.

Requirements – this is an intermediate to advanced workshop:

  • for the top: you should be comfortable tying a gote, a futomomo and crotch ropes; a full set of 8 ropes (7 m lenght or longer) plus any kind of nipple clamps / if you do not own clamps, a simple set will be provided for you;
  • for the bottom: you should know that you are comfortable being in these ties or reasonable alternatives that provide the same amount of support; you should also have a reasonable tolerance for pain and discomfort;

Torture in rope – how to make your model cry with simple tricks that won’t damage them

(Workshop level: L1-3)

The human body – no toy is more satisfying and complex. During this workshop you will learn how to push all the buttons of the bottom. You will learn safety rules so that you can torture with calm and knowing that your bottom can and will want to come back for more. You will learnt the most easy to torture parts of the body, how to make a scene as long or as short as you wish and how to read your bottom better.

Requirements – this is a beginner to intermediate:

  • for the top: you should have decent knowledge of single column ties, proper tension and frictions; bring with you a basic set of 6 ropes (7m length or longer); bring a pair of chopsticks; if you do not have a pair of chopsticks, a pair will be provided for you;
  • for the bottom: no previous experience is required, but definitely a preference for feeling pain or a desire to feel pain for your tops pleasure; bring with you a firm ability to stop the top in case the exercises become too much;

DIY in BDSM and bondage – how to improvise being an evil bastard

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Become the most unpredictable and crafty top. Improvise tools and integrate your evil creations into bondage. Get more creative and feel more free to do improvised ties and use tools you can find on the spot for orgasms and tears alike. If you are just starting out and feel that you need more inspiration to up your mean game, this workshop is for you.


  • for the top: you should have curiosity in bondage and bring 3 ropes (7 m length or longer); also, anything else that you might usually carry in a bag
  • for the bottom: you should be a person curious to try new things and to experience a bit of excitement and fear; no previous experience is required, but bring with you anything you usually carry in a bag; anything you carry can and will be used against you in the classroom;

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