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We are Alexander (NawaRonin) and Natasha NawaTaNeko. Kinbaku and especially Seme-nawa in the style of Akira Naka has become an important and enriching part of our lives. We share our passion by performing and teaching Kinbaku together.

Alexander is a scientist and researcher, thinker and explorer and since a long time fascinated by Japanese history and culture:

Kinbaku is a journey for me, a path I walk with my partner and a few close people, people whom I trust to open up to. Kinbaku happens between two people, it is communication and emotion – and highly erotic. I am interested in playing with sensations to induce emotions: suffering, pain and pleasure … in beauty. When I tie then that’s definitely a challenge for the person in my ropes.

Natasha is a truth seeker and embodiment enthusiast. In Kinbaku, she is looking for true emotions and authenticity and sees rope bondage as deeply intimate and erotic practice that has also a profound transformational potential:

I love rope for that it’s honest. Real. Tangible. With rope, you can learn to surrender, you can learn integrity. You can learn to be generous – and grateful. If you engage in a rope play – I mean really engage, with the full heart, it will inevitably transform you. I’m into a challenge of two people coming close, very close together, a challenge of exchanging a gift of a focused attention and connection, becoming vulnerable in showing themselves as they are and letting other see them.

After a long phase of experimentation with different teachers and styles, we found our home and gave our hearts to Seme-nawa as taught in Europe by Riccardo Wildties, the first disciple (Deshi) of Akira Naka. Alexander is the first official certified instructor for Kinbaku Luxuria Naka Ryo Basic Level (Zero to TK) in Germany.

As a Kinbaku teachers, we strive to empower our students as quickly as possible to find their own path. We teach principles and elements, not fixed, rigid forms. Alexanders’ background as a scientist and Martial Art practitioner as well as his teaching experience from his day job feed into our teaching method.

Building on her background in Sexological Bodywork by Joseph Kramer and her studies of “Wheel of Consent” by Betty Martin, Natasha brings different somatic aspects as breathing, movement, posture, non-verbal communication, and placement of attention in our teaching. She developed “Somatics for rope bottoms” to deepen their experience in ropes and make it more internal, conscious and safe.

We offer workshops and private classes in Berlin, and we are open for invitations to teach, perform and share our way of Kinbaku in other communities outside of Berlin.

For inquiries and collaboration please write us on info at


MA: Space, time, and in-between

(Workshop level: L1-3)

This „laboratory“ goes beyond technique, patterns and figures to experiment with the Japanese concept of negative space, distance, pause – the void: MA. Emptiness or the “void” acquires a powerful role in the process of creation. In life as in a rope scene, when two human beings come together, to engage in a practice, they create a tension. It is this space in-between that bears the potential to create.

Therefore we explore, on a very practical level: how can we use time and space to create a scene? How do we get aware of it? How can we feel into distance? When is it harmonic – when too close or too far away? How time feels different in a scene? When to start the next rope? How to create tension over tying? And when does tension wants to get dissolved? Are you tuned in?

Based on our experience from martial arts and somatic bodywork (and our own approach to Kinbaku) we guide you through exercises exploring these questions – and the effluent concepts of MA.

The 3rd, 4th, 5th, nth rope – how to enjoy tying a chest

(Workshop level: L2-3)

Very formally spoken, the „3rd rope“ is an addition to any two ropes Gote (Takate Kote, box-tie). But why to be formal?

This workshop is about tying a chest! Or to be more precise: an open chest… a chest, opened by a Gote (other patterns also work well). We can tie this open chest gently or hard. We can give impact with the weight of the rope or with pointing frictions / knots on pressure points. We expose or hide. We press and form the flesh.

For the person tying, we invite you to think about your intention, your desire. We will show you principles and movements, to create an impact with tension and flow.

For the person tied, we invite you to travel inwards. What do you feel? How does the rope, the impact on your body translates into emotions?
Tying a chest creates a lot of vulnerability – on both side of the ropes! Join us to explore this beautiful feeling.

Seme-Nawa, No Patterns: Play!

(Workshop level: L3)

In this workshop, we will give an insight into our interpretation of Semenawa, which is for us about creating an intimate and intense rope session. A physical and mental challenge is created in order to influence an emotional state of the person in ropes. We don’t focus on techniques or forms.

We rather question your intention and give impulses how this intention can be translated into specific ties in order to create maximum effect for the person in the ropes. The process of tying is slow, the figures produced are static. Rope after rope increases the challenge. The result is images that are aesthetically reminiscent of calligraphy or ikebana. The goal is to move the tied partner to devotion and show them in all their beauty.

This is a practical workshop, you will tie a lot yourself.

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