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Soptik is a bondage teacher and event organizer. He created his first educational website with information on rope bondage in 2000. After ten years of self-education, had met Kinoko Hajime who became his first teacher of Japanese bondage. Afterwards, his tying was shaped by Osada Steve and Kanna; however, Kinoko Ryu is still his first choice for most of his rope partners. A year later, he started teaching regular bondage workshops and have kept this hobby till today.

In the meantime, he met two other teachers who influenced him greatly. The first was Yoroi Nicolas who taught him movement, intimacy, and simplicity in ropes. The second and the most influential was Riccardo Wildties. He introduced Naka Ryu to him. The more he studies with Riccardo and Naka Akira, the more he falls in love with this style.

You can find out more about his workshops at

Sansei is enjoying ropes as a rope bottom since 2017. Her approach is defined by her devotion and surrender to the rigger. She enjoys exploring (often dark) emotions and natural living through ropes. She started to to tie as a rigger recently. Her prefered style is Naka ryu in both roles.

At this festival Soptik & Sansei will focus on finding enjoyment and fun in ropes.


Advanced predicaments with clothes pegs and clamps

(Workshop level: L2-3)

Predicament bondage is the art of restraining a person so they are only able to set themselves in limited positions. Each of these positions may be so uncomfortable that the restrained may be forced to shift their weight or position (Wikipedia).


We will look at some of building blocks for predicaments – how to use clothes pegs and clamps. Workshop goal is not to teach specific predicament ties, but to help you learn and understand their fundamentals. This will make easier inventing and putting into practice your own wicked predicament ideas.

Mindfuck in ropes

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Noun. mindfuck: Something that intentionally destabilizes, confuses or manipulates the mind of another person.

Ropes can be fun. Ropes can inventive. Ropes can be scary. Let’s play with your partner’s mind. We will explore different methods of incortporating mindfuck into your rope play.

Unrestrained suspensions (tying suspensions in movement)

(Workshop level: L3)

Are you stiff while tying suspensions? Is your model staying in one position for long periods? Is your rope bottom getting bored in suspensions? Is your tying dominated by rope instead of you dominating your partner? Do you run out of ideas?

This workshop will change it and integrate movement into your suspensions.

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