Kameko – Announcing presenter

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Kameko has been doing shibari since 2015. At first, she started as a model, today she devotes herself to both sides of the rope, but mostly focuses on selftie (tying herself). She has made several appearances on local stages alongside Andrea Ropes, Neya, Noirot and others. Her style is full of playfulness, movement in ropes and unpredictability of all kinds.


Hip harnesses

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Hip harnesses bring many possibilities to both tying with your partner and selfsuspension. They allow you to move freely, bring comfort and solid anchor point for suspension. We will take a look at a few hip harness designs, compare their advantages/disadvantages and adjust them for different body types and ways of use.


(Workshop level: L1-3)

There are various reasons why people selftie and we will try to cover them all with both discussion and hands-on exercise. We gonna talk about different risks selftying brings compared to tying with a partner, look at some easy selfsuspensions as well as technical challenges we face.

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