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StrangeLove started exploring japanese rope in 2003 and never stopped.
In 2013 sansumi joined and since then they´ve shared life, kinks and
dreams and created their own personal way of rope. Their play and their
tying are shaped by a shared desire for intimacy, intensity and sexual
sadomasochistic passion. Add some martial arts experience, playfullness
and a geeky fascination with bodies and movement and you get a lot of
fun together with some screams and moaning.

Based in Germany and Switzerlad, they like sharing what they’ve learned
along the way and have presented at kink events across Europe as well as
Chicago Shibaricon and are hosting a semi-regular rope meeting at home.

Find out more about StrangeLove on FetLife.


Hojojutsu – An introduction

(Workshop level: L2-3)

Images of medieval torture scenes inspire kinksters and dungeon furniture until today. Likewise Hojojutsu, the ancient japanese martial art of tying prisoners, has a lot to offer for bondage play. After a short introduction to the history of the art and some necessary safety information we’ll introduce a selection of ties and techniques straight from Japan’s Edo period. The range goes from simple ties for takedown and quick capture to more elaborate patterns for high-ranking prisoners and finally to a few ideas on how to transfer these concepts and techniques to your own rope play.


A lot of the ties involve rope around the neck. Carrying a cutting tool as a top and being able to use it confidently is absolutely mandatory. We´ll discuss alternatives to neck rope as well.

Top: Intermediate level. Experience with basic rope safety and anatomy, can tie basic harnesses fluently.

Bottom: Intermediate level. Experience with basic rope safety and anatomy, experience with being in upper body rope harnesses, body awareness and not afraid to communicate problems.

Tie them down and rough them up

(Workshop level: L3)

Combining pJust like rope can be a very close and intimate way of restriction, rough body play can be a very close and intimate way to experience suffering (Sidenote: tied up people can´t hit back). Sounds like a good combination? Join us, as we explore the many ways to cause pain and suffering using fists and fingers, feet and knees and methods to combine this with rope. Among other topics we´ll cover some anatomy and safety for tops and bottoms, body mechanics for better punching, torturing people in the air and combining pressure points and rope.


Tops: Experience with transitioning between bondage positions, both in suspension and on the floor. Sadism or a desire to let someone else suffer.

Bottoms: Experience with transitioning between bondage positions, both in suspension and on the floor. A certain appetite for pain or desire to suffer, willingness to actively participate and communicate

Tying for sex and seduction

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Bedroom bondage can go beyond tying your partner to the bed posts and we´d like to share a few of our favorite techniques. One rope ties for fucking and torture, using body handling and positioning, scene dynamics, creative crotch ropes and cbt ties, harnesses for (rope) dildos and magic wands and more. Dirty ties for dirty minds.


If you have one and want to practice tying with it, you can bring a magic wand vibrator (battery operatedand a dildo with a wide base. We´ll tie with clothes on but make sure to attend with someone you enjoy being close to.

Top: Beginner level. Basic rope safety, able to tie a stable single column tie, able to communicate desires and boundaries.

Bottom: Beginner level, Basic rope safety, body awareness, able to communicate desires and boundaries.

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