Schedule 2023 (spring)

The schedule will be announced shortly before the festival.

Date and time Space A (TEP39) Space B (Multifunctional hall) Space C
Thursday 23.3.2023
20:30-24:00Pre-party at the festival venue
Friday 24.3.2023
9:30-10:45Door opening, registration
10:45-11:00Festival opening (in the cafe gallery)
11:00-13:00 Conor & Anna: Bamboo Battle Royal (L1-3)Joan von Brook & Luke: Meet and play! (L1-3)Deborah Sarura & Baaltis: Breathing battle (L1-3)
14:30-16:30 Canitt & Mss.Imperdible: Body Mechanics in suspensions (L3)Joan von Brook & Luke: Shoulders in TK: locking shoulders (L1-3)RopuNawa & Freya: Floor Strappado play (L1-3)
16:45-18:45 Soptik & Sansei: Tying in movement (L1-3)Felix & Yael Stormborn: Felix’ Woven Harness for suspension transitions and model training (L2-3)Vinciens & Kenyade: Which technique for which purpose? (L2-3)
20:15-01:00 Bondage jam
11:00-13:00RopuNawa & Freya: Daruma, minimalistic but max. exposing (L3)Deborah Sarura & Baaltis: Better grounding for better movement (L1-3)
Conor & Anna: Meisner’s repetition exercise for rope (L1-3)
14:30-16:30 RopuNawa & Freya: Placing Arms differently and effectively (L1-3)Vinciens & Kenyade: Catching the rhythm of Ukete (L2-3)Joan von Brook & Luke: Tying neatly aka denoise your tying (L1-3)
16:45-18:45 Canitt & Mss.Imperdible: Hybrid suspensions (L3)Conor & Anna: Interpreting Choreography (L2-3)Felix & Yael Stormborn: About Flow (L1-3)
22:00-01:00 Bondage jam
11:00-13:00Soptik & Sansei: Rough ropes (L1-3)Deborah Sarura & Baaltis: Laugh it out (L1-3)Vinciens & Kenyade: The intention of touch. Every movement counts. (L1-3)
14:30-16:30 RopuNawa & Freya: Bamboo Fun, against all odds (L1-3)Canitt & Mss.Imperdible: Organic body shapes (L3)Felix & Yael Stormborn: Performance Skills 1 – Time (L1-3)
16:45-18:45 Joan von Brook & Luke: Movement and improvisation in partial suspensions (L2-3) (L1-3)Soptik & Sansei: Chair bondage on the floor (L1-3)Felix & Yael Stormborn: Performance Skills 2 – Space (L1-3)
20:00-23:00Bondage jam

Door opening at 9:30am on Friday and 10:15am on Saturday and Sunday.

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