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  • Deborah Sarura & Baaltis
  • Deborah Sarura & Baaltis
  • Deborah Sarura & Baaltis

Deborah Sarura is an experienced rope bottom and rigger, who trained mostly with Nicolas A, previously known as Yoroi, being for many years one of his main partners and co-presenter, soon celebrating 10 years of doing ropes together. She started lately to share her experience on her own. She found that what made her experience specific is mostly what comes from her previous experiences and skills, and how she translated it in ropes. Her experience sharing is heavily based in emotional management and body awareness.

Baaltis is an experienced rope bottom from Brussels, where she has developped her skills in Nicolas A’s dojo since 2016. She started presenting with Deborah Sarura last year, and is eager to share her love for ropes and fun with the festival participants.


Laugh it out

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Laugh is a very underrated instrument for the rigger. It can help your partner to relax, give them a shoot of endorphins or even help them focus if you’d just allow for a bit of self derision.

This workshop is rigger centered, though brats are welcome to steal some ideas. This workshop is better attended with a partner you know at least a bit. Most exercises will be rope based, with mostly time management limitations, very few technical guidelines on the rope work.

Better grounding for better movement

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Body awareness is the stepping stone for any movement. Improving your breathing, posture and balance will help you find a more natural movement, which can lead to more fluidity in your rope work and blur the limit between rope and dance.

This workshop is centered around the person, and can be used any side of the rope. This workshop can be attended alone, there will be partnered exercises which if agreeable will use some partner switching. This workshop will use limited rope work.

Breathing battle

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Riggers : your mission if you accept it is to block your partner from breathing, neck rope are not allowed

Models : your mission if you accept it is to survive and if you feel like it brat a bit to prove you’re strill breathing perfectly fine, thank you very much.

The workshop will give tips and quick exercises to increase the model’s awareness concerning breathing.

This workshop is best attended with a partner you know. Riggers should be intermediate to advanced : you need to be creative with your use of ropes since there will be limitations on what you can tie, and most multi-rope patterns won’t be allowed. And you need to be fast in your handling and in your decision making. Riggers can team up to battle one single model

This workshop is definitely rope based, there will be very limited non rope exercises

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