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RopuNawa first encountered Shibari/Kinbaku in 2008 at a performance in Australia. This performance stayed with him on his way back to Switzerland, where he bagan his own journey with the rope. He formed the foundation from Osada Steve’s style, which was taught in switzerland at that time. However, he did not stay with this one style, but was inspired by many other teachers. For RopuNawa, there is not one way to tie, but the heart of his style lies in the need of his model. These needs can be as diverse as the individuality of the people themselves, and through the diversity of his style, he can best respond to his partners needs and wants. He appreciates the non verbal connection, that he can create with each tying partner.

The aesthetics he picked up while first getting to know Akira Naka’s style, who influenced him early on. While Naka still accompanies him today, Tifereth has inspired him on this path for the last 2 years as well.

Yoroi was another of his great first influences, who’s style gave RopuNawa’s taste for less is more space to develop. Yagami Ren also influenced him in this direction.

Today RopuNawa unites parts of all these styles in his personal rope art, which he lives and teaches in his dojo in Basel, as he continues to travel the world, giving workshops and getting inspired by his old teachers and new encounters.

Visit him at or Instagram.


Freya had her first contact with rope in 2015. Her fascination with communication trough the body led her to repeatedly come into contact with Shibari, beyond all algorithms, where she explores and deepens both the intensity and the various dynamics with her partner. Moreover, the shared immersion in the art of bondage offers her a significant platform of personal expression. The resulting dedication has now led her to travel internationally as a model for workshops, shootings and performances since 2018.


Floor Strappado play

(Workshop level: L1-3)


Placing Arms differently and effectively

(Workshop level: L1-3)


Daruma, minimalistic but max. exposing

(Workshop level: L3)


Bamboo Fun, against all odds

(Workshop level: L1-3)


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