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Joan von Brook is a presenter, performer, rope bottom, rigger and co-founder of Subspace studio in Prague. She has been a shibari addict since 2013. First as a rope-bottom, but almost immediately started also tying actively. As a rigger, she is mostly influenced by Soptik and Nicolas Arnoys. As a bottom, she greatly benefits from her experience with challenging ties, especially with Naka ryu, Yoroi-ryu and from bottoming for Tifereth. Her passion in teaching is creating hands-on fun multilevel exercises around the experience of models and riggers. Loves to focus on bottoming both for floor work and suspensions. Has various sports and dancing background, loves to look at body and mind as an inseparable unit.

Luke started his rope journey two years ago as a rigger and a year ago began to participate as a rope bottom. He loves to switch between different styles and explore all kinds of ways of tying. Recently he fell in love with Naka style and loves to dance with ropes. He focuses mainly on body awareness, movement, and touch while tying or being tied. Recently he started to teach at Subspace studio in Prague.

They started giving workshops together a year ago. When they teach together, while creating a fun atmosphere, each share their experience from both sides of the rope.

Find out more on their Facebook (Joan von Brook) and Instagram (Luke).


Tying neatly aka denoise your tying

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Do you find yourself losing flow and fidgeting with ropes?Or you tend to use many ropes and give lots of different inputs as you tie with hope that your model is not being bored? In this workshop we will go through simple yet powerful exercises to make instant presence and “connection”. We will give you tools on how you can send clear intention and that little things can carry a clear message. From bottoming perspective, you will learn how to make yourself more open to messages sent by riggers.

Shoulders in TK: locking shoulders

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Takate kote is one of the most often used harnesses for suspensions. One of the biggest health risks, aside from nerve injuries, is hurting models shoulders. We can, however, significantly lower the latter by practically knowing how to „lock“ our partners arms into position. This workshop will consist of basic anatomy and practical exercises how to assess models flexibility and how to lock almost everyone into TK. We will include basic procedure when locking is not possible or successful. Both parties will be encouraged to communicate throughout all of the exercises to make the process as perfect as possible according to the body type of the model.

Movement and improvisation in partial suspensions

(Workshop level: L2-3)

There is an infinite number of combinations of positions. On top of it, every body is different. This workshop will give you tools on how to find interesting and unique shapes and positions through movement. We will also focus on how we manage our bodies as riggers and what to observe when we tie our partners to make the most out of it. Riggers need to know safe tie-offs and have some experience with (partial) suspensions. Models should have a positive attitude to movement.

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