Workshops registration process 2018

There will be registration for some workshops (and only for space A) in two rounds:

  • the first one will be online till  25.9.2018 in the form of lottery at (see below) and
  • the second half of the workshops’ capacity will be available for personal registration at the reception desk
  • The last chance will be to show up at the workshop space before the workshop starts and ask presenter if there is any space (last minute cancellations, no-shows, etc.).

Places are limited by the number of suspension points and capacity of presenters. It is still possible to attend workshops even without registration, but without suspension points.

Please, do not block workshop spot if you know you don’t want to attend the workshop or if you are not at appropriate level for advanced workshop. In such case please cancel your workshop booking at the reception desk in advance. Also come to workshops in time, otherwise we may let your spot to someone else.

There are usually enough spaces for everyone for most workshops as participants spread to other workshop. (In 2017 there were only 3 couples who did not get to desired workshop.)

There is no registration for most workshops in Space B and Space C.

The first round – online registration lottery

Online registration is open till 24.9.2018. Link to registration form:

Registrations will be processed in lottery after registration closing. As the registrations will be collected for 3 weeks, all submissions will be equal regardless of date. Everyone will have equal chance to get their place for their most desired workshops.

Registrations are made for couples, i.e. there should be only one registration per couple.

Immediately after submitting registration form you will receive email with Booking Pending. If you have not received such mail, the form was not most likely sent and you have to send it again!

Before the festival we will send mail Booking Confirmed stating successfully registered workshops

The second round – registration at the reception desk

Personal registration will be open at the reception desk on the day of the workshop at following times:

  1. 10:30 for the first workshops of the day,
  2. 13:10 for the second one (at the beginning of lunch break) and
  3. 14:05 for the last one (at the end of lunch break).

Registrations will be processed first come, first served. Please come personally, no proxies.

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