Workshop Structure and Formlessness – Experimental Suspensions

(Presenter: Tifereth & Oublietta, Workshop level: L3, registration required)

In this intermediate/advanced class we’ll explore the possibilities that lay before us when we deconstruct elements of familiar ties, and recombine them in new and exciting ways. By taking what we already know about how specific structures, harnesses and ties behave, we can create beautiful unstructured partial suspensions by weaving together what we already know will work, with what we intuit will work in concert. You’ll need a working knowledge of a partial suspension worthy futomomo, chest harness, as well as bondage basics including single column, double column and half hitch. You’ll also need 8-10 pieces of rope 20-30 feet long each (natural fibre preferred) and a partner comfortable communicating while in bondage.

Link to online registration (available from Tuesday 17.10.2017 8pm CET, please see Advanced workshops registration process information for details.

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