Embodied Rope, Body in ropes, moving your ropepractise

(Presenter: Kristina Marlen, Workshop level: L1-3)

Body comes first: whenever I tie, this is what matters for me. Rather then seeing the rope, I see the body in ropes. I have to feel and understand the body I tie. I feel my own body in connection to the body I tie.

This class is about Body first. In this workshop we explore biomechanics of the human body – its abilities to fold, expand, to spiral. Working with these three elements we can find new paths into rope improvisation and can have results of beauty and grace – pleasing for the model as well as the rigger.

We will explore kinesthetic tying as a tool for deepening the ropepractise.  Handling a body in motion and  kinesthetic tying, working with proximity and distance, and challenging the rigger to go out of their comfortzone in making their own body available whilst tying.

The workshop will include exploration of bodyfunction, with oneself and with a partner, hands on with and without rope. We are working with improvisation tools to bring this knowledge into ropework.


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