Workshop Dynamic Transitions

(Presenter: Wykd Dave & Clover, Workshop level: L3, registration required)

Before we get into it there will be a TK evaluation to make sure that the participants tying and is up to the advanced work that will be covered in this class. Participants should be capable of tying quickly and competently. This class will deal with rolling transitions, and will include stressful positions and require hard work and focus from all participants. The rigger and the bottom be capable in this should have good communication between them. Bottoms should not be afraid to speak up about problems and there is a requirement to assess body awareness and dealing with issues in this class.

The class will deal with body position, mechanics and suspension line management of both taut and slack lines.

The secret of good transitions is not just in technical capability it is also in the manner of the transition, it’s flow, movement, grace, control. It is in the positions you choose to transition to. It is about aesthetics and the position and framing of the body. As with all bondage it is about beauty and suffering and surrender and control.

Link to online registration (available from Tuesday 17.10.2017 8pm CET, please see Advanced workshops registration process information for details.

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