Workshop Shapes

(Presenter: Fred Hatt & Anna Bones, Workshop level: L2-3)

Fred and Anna love the Takate Kote but sometimes they enjoy playing with different upper body harnesses too so they have created a recurring class at Anatomie Studio where they teach a variety of non-TK ties.

In this class, they will teach three ties and three shapes/positions (TBD depending on participant wishes). The goal of this class is to apply structured ties onto the body in to order create playful shapes on the floor that can range from comfortable to intense. You’ll learn about body mechanics, aesthetics and rope techniques.

Variations of each tie will be provided depending on skill level, comfort and flexibility. Accents such as hair ties, toe ties may be incorporated into each of these shapes, and these will be demo’d depending on the level and comfort of the participants. 

Although this class is focused on the tying and rope technique, plenty of info for rope bottoms will be provided throughout!

Participants should be very familiar with at least the two rope TK. Suspension lines can be used for this but it is not required.

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