Introduction of models

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The festival could not happen without models. We would like to introduce you some of them:


Clementine is full-time shibari model, artistic photo model and performer. She is from Bologna in Italy, but she has also Czech roots. Her first approach to the world of shibari was only two years ago.

At the beginning she was interested in the “artistic” part, but when she tried ropes for the first time she fell in love with them. She understood that “ropes” are her world, part of her, and something she could never live without. Knowledge of her body that came from modelling, yoga and sports helped her a lot to take all the difficult positions. However being a masochist helps too.

dsc_7510There were two important persons in her rope journey. AndreaRopes style and character fit really well with her. She started to understand the technical part of shibari, not only as a model, but also little bit as a rigger. Another important person in her life as a rope model was Pedro. She understood what she can actually do as a model in ropes and how much she is important in the whole process, so she started to think about myself as an active part and not anymore just hang in the ropes.

She is active on Instagram and Tumblr.



EmilyEmily was introduced to shibari just year and half ago, but since then she became one of the best-known model in Czech republic. She spends most of her rope time in torturous Naka style ties.. You can check her Facobook profile.



Sophia is a self-confessed rope masochist from the UK. She discovered Shibari in 2014 when she met Gestalta and her bag of rope at an event in London – she wouldn’t have believed that 2 years later they would be performing on stage together! Since then she has steadily become immersed into the London rope community, developing a great passion for learning more about herself and connecting with others through the experience of rope. Her favourite style of Shibari is intense, dynamic and contorted positions. Visit her website


Saru Rei Kil

14800805_10105856341840813_1098288301_nSaru Rei is a Berlin based rope lover, whose rope journey began with Caritia in 2014. Her experience with rope has been deeply shaped by her community at Schwelle7 as well as by her background as a competitive ballroom dancer. She believes that it is impossible for a rigger and a model tying together to hide what is truly there between them, and finds this guarantied vulnerability to be what is truly special about ropes.



Tamandua is a swedish rigger but based in Berlin since a while back. They make their income working as a prodomme and spend the rest of their time, well, also mostly being a creatively pervy bastard.

Although a sadist at heart and never really having felt the desire to switch they came to a point in their devotion to kinbaku where they felt it was needed to also submit to the ropes. In an attempt to further embrace kinbaku and expand what their relationship to the practice can be.

In ropes Tamandua likes the idea of disciplining themselves to be able to lend their body as a material for the rigger to use and to feel the body trangress it’s limits and purpose.

Since they are very fond of putting people under high intensity and suffering as a rigger Tamandua strongly prefers to be tied in a similar way and to be forced to struggle to cope – claiming it’s a matter of karma or some kind of empathetic training!

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