Schedule 2022 (spring)

Complete schedule of the Prague Shibari Festival 2022 (spring):

Date and time Space A (TEP39) Space B (Multifunctional hall) Space C (not used)
Thursday 17.3.2022
20:30-24:00Pre-party at the festival venue
Friday 18.3.2022
9:30-10:45Door opening, registration
10:45-11:00Festival opening (in the cafe gallery)
11:00-13:00Frllilly & Seilartig: Ebi Shibari (L2-3)Kurogami & Shiawase: Semenawa: progression with chair (L1-3)
14:30-16:30Soptik & Sansei: Advanced predicaments with clothespegs and clamps (L2-3)Romaine & Milena: From body manipulation to dance (L1-3)
16:45-18:45Kurogami & Shiawase: Boost your handling (L1-3)StrangeLove & sansumi: Hojojutsu – An introduction (L2-3)
20:15-21:00Kurogami & Shiawase performance Bondage jam (silent)
21:00-01:00 Bondage jam Bondage jam (silent)
Saturday 19.3.2022
11:00-13:00Frllilly & Seilartig: Co-tying (L3)Kameko: Self-suspension (L1-3)
14:30-16:30 Soptik & Sansei: Mindfuck in ropes (L1-3)StrangeLove & sansumi: Tying for sex and seduction (L1-3)
16:45-18:45 Kurogami & Shiawase: Armbinder & Suspension (L3)Romaine & Milena: Touch in ropes (L1-3)
20:15-21:00Frllilly & Seilartig performance Bondage jam (silent)
20:00-01:00Bondage jam Bondage jam (silent)
Sunday 20.3.2022
11:00-13:00Kurogami & Shiawase: Semenawa predicament (L3)Kameko: Hip harnesses (L1-3)
14:30-16:30 Soptik & Sansei: Unrestrained suspensions – tying suspensions in movement (L3)Frllilly & Seilartig: One arm loaded chest harness (L1-3)
16:45-18:45 StrangeLove & sansumi: Tie them down and rough them up (L3)Romaine & Milena: Exploration around power exchange (L1-3)
20:00-23:00Bondage jam

Door opening at 9:30am on Friday and 10:15am on Saturday and Sunday.

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