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Kurogami & Shiawase are a couple since 2014 and they live in Milan, Italy.

Their passion for Japanese rope bondage started at the end of 2016, when they met for the first time Riccardo Wildties and Red Sabbath. They got fascinated and they started their own journey.

In February 2018, Kurogami became a certified instructor of Kinbaku LuXuria style, definitely matching Riccardo’s educational values.

Since then, Kurogami and Shiawase started to teach and perform all around Italy and Europe. In 2019 they had the honor to be invited to perform at the 25th Nawa Naka Kai hosted by Naka Akira in Tokyo, together with Riccardo and Naka-san himself.

Kurogami & Shiawase’s style is plain and simple, most of the time tends to be something overt-ied but felt. Their research is about how to achieve a meaningful session both in terms of communication and aesthetics, trying not to emulate the Japanese masters but instead attempting to continue a tradition by adding their own contribution and flavor.

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Armbinder & Suspension

(Workshop level: L3)

In this class we will see how to put a bottom in distress by using an armbinder and suspending them. We will focus on the feeling of being bound and we will apply some key elements of LuXuria style: Torsion, Susteinability, Torment (Seme) and we will also look for beauty.

Boost your handling

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Some useful handling exercise for practice, to improve top’s handling! This class is still hands-on, but it’s not mandatory to have a bottom: we will see how to practice when you don’t have a partner and how to do it in a deliberate way.

Semenawa predicament

(Workshop level: L3)

This class is entirely dedicated to predicament rope bondage. We will create an effective predicament, putting the bottom in a pretty dynamic and unconfortable position, still sustainable for a long and interesting semenawa

Semenawa: progression with chair

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Chair tie is often underestimated, but it’s one of those way of tying that allows so many different possibility, to any kind of bondage!

Even when you don’t have a rigging point, with all probability you still have a chair! In this class, we will explore some of those possibilities, using some technical fundamentals.

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