Christian Red and Scarlot Rose – Announcing presenter

Scarlot Rose is a UK based model, artist and rope enthusiast. She first discovered rope around 2011 and has incorporated it into her work and lifestyle ever since. “Rope art for me is about capturing truth; a form of honesty. Exposed to explore my inner most fears, desires and passions. Being seen for who I am in those fragile moments in which I give myself to another. Through suffering with someone else I both see and am seen at my most vulnerable, sharing together an emotional space, a connection of such intensity that I cannot describe in words.”

Christian Red is a rigger based in Nottingham UK and has been exploring kink since 2002. His priority as a rigger is to develop a shared space with the person he’s tying, giving them freedom to explore themselves and polishing a range of skills to enact different headspaces and situations.

Since becoming an educator full time, his focus has been on giving people tools and ideas to express themselves by breaking complex topics into simple ideas.

He has studied with many well-respected riggers including Barkas, Wildties, Xian, Gorgone, Gestalta, Kazami Ranki, Fred Hatt, Ronin and Wykd Dave. He remains a lifelong student.

He currently runs rope events in the middle of England and travels further afield to teach, perform, and create art.

Christian and Scarlot began tying together in 2016 and since then have been on a journey based on mutual trust, vulnerability and open expression.

Find out more about Christian via Fetlife or Instagram.

Find out more about Scarlot via Fetlife or Instagram.


Let me move you – Body control from standing

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Knowing how to move and control our partner opens up a wealth of possibilities during play. It lets us overcome a resisting bottom or just establish a new position without the need for verbal communication.

Inspired by various martial arts, we will explore different methods of standing control progressing to the point where we can take our partner down to the floor.

Depending on the needs of the attendees, we can explore methods of control where one party is considerably weaker than the other.

This class is aimed at all levels.

No ground to go to – Body control on the floor

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Controlling someone on the ground can be incredibly challenging as even light amounts of struggling or body manipulation can lead to a mess of limbs and tangled rope.

We will explore some common scenarios where our partner is actively resisting or we simply wish to move our partner. Using a combination of body mechanics, pressure points, and positional asphyxiation we will explore how we can alter our partner’s position or quell resistance as they fight against being tied.

This class is aimed at all levels.

Choke yourself – Hojo-inspired bondage

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Hojojitsu is a fascinating subject because of its complex relationship with the history of shibari and its reputation for cold efficiency.

We will begin with a brief overview of the origins of hojojitsu and discuss some of the practical barriers of trying to reproduce traditional hojojitsu ties.

Our class will focus on a handful of ties inspired by historical sources but modernised with more conventional tying techniques. We will establish the inherent ‘threat’ of each tie, as well as practising some techniques for handling rope and tying efficiently.

This class is aimed at all levels. We ask that attendees be aware of the inherent risk of the ties. Despite the title, we can demonstrate alternative patterns for attendees not comfortable with neck rope.

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