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Soptik is a bondage teacher and event organizer. He created his first educational website with information on rope bondage in 2000. After ten years of self-education, had met Kinoko Hajime who became his first teacher of Japanese bondage. Afterwards, his tying was shaped by Osada Steve and Kanna; however, Kinoko Ryu is still his first choice for most of his rope partners. A year later, he started teaching regular bondage workshops and have kept this hobby till today.

In the meantime, he met two other teachers who influenced him greatly. The first was Yoroi Nicolas who taught him movement, intimacy, and simplicity in ropes. The second and the most influential was Riccardo Wildties. He introduced Naka Ryu to him.

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After her first steps into the world of BDSM MieNeko had her first (unintentional) contact with rope 2014 and since then she can not let go. While she improved herself as a rope model she also started to tie actively in 2017.

In October 2017 she started a monthly rope jam called RIGGOROS, with focus on young, rope interested people, with some friends. Next to this she organizes other BDSM events and participate at programs of sexual education for young people in Germany.

She is mostly inspired by the people she ties with, especially RopuNawa, Sawa and Soptik but also Michael Ropeknight as a teacher. Her main focus is about devotion on both sides, as a model and as rigger. Most of experiences are collected trough participating at events like Eurix or workshops and of course enjoying good times with amazing people with a lot of rope.

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Overpowering with ropes

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Overpowering, subjugation, and domination are common erotic fantasies. This workshop will help you introduce them into your rope play. It is not easy to overpower playful resistance in a sensual and safe manner. Hence, we explore body contact, mild confrontation with your partner, and direct physical domination that does not necessarily require using one’s strength. A rope is like an extension of your arms that helps you overpower, immobilize, and control your rope bottom.

This workshop is not about play-fighting or wrestling. You will not learn how to knock-out your fully resisting partner.

Rough body tying

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Tying can be rough, yet safe. Sadistic, but caring. Dynamic and effortless at the same time. Overpowering with elegance.

Let’s explore how to safely release sadistic energy in rough tying. Learn the overpowering effect the ropes can have. Discover how much fun you can have with less static and more dynamic way of tying.
This workshop will cover many different, but interconnected topics such as using rope as a multipurpose tool, body handling, pressure points, timing, even mindfuck and many others.

This workshop is not about play-fighting or wrestling. You will not learn how to knock-out your fully resisting partner.


(Workshop level: L1-3)

This workshop explores exposure, shame, embarrassment, and erotic humiliation in helplessness. You will receive hands on experience on shame and humiliation. We also discuss techniques for creating stronger psychological impacts.


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