Michael Ropeknight and Tamina Himmelgrau – Announcing presenters

  • Michael Ropeknight
  • Tamina Himmelgrau

Tamina Himmelgrau

After some years of experimenting with BDSM, Rough Body Play and Contact Impro Himmelgrau finally discovered ropes in 2011, also started tying actively in 2016. With a good knowledge of her body and mind, limits and needs she appreciates intensity in every possible way, being challenged and surrendering. Going out oft he personal comfort zone, coming close to her limits is one thing she loves about ropes.

Himmelgrau is a regular participant at EURIX and has attended lots of other workshops beyond. With Ropeknight she just started to tie in autumn 2018 and is really excited to be his model for Prague Shibari.

In addition, she is co-organizing events in the Munich Shibari scene, which is still in their infancy, but keeps growing.

Visit her on Fetlife.

Michael Ropeknight

Michael Ropeknight ties with rope since his teens and has later on been able to experience different styles of Shibari on various journeys to Japan. He studied with several well-known japanese and western Bakushi before eventually becoming an official student of Osada Steve in 2012. Osada Steve was also the one who introduced him early on to Yukimura Haruki Sensei as he felt their way of communication is quite similar.

Both masters describe his emotional empathy and his use of energetic components (Ki) as extraordinary. Not only because of these skills, each of them has shown him the great honor to teach their styles as an official instructor.

Ropeknight combines in a very undogmatic way the kinbaku schools of Yukimura-Ryu and Osada-Ryu. By approaching his model in his creative and powerful, yet calm and deeply emotional way, he gives these styles an independent touch.

As the owner of the Fourelements Kinbaku Lounge, he regularly organizes events for beginner to advanced level since 2014 and is travelling to teach in workshops and private lessons.

Visit him on:


Yukimura Ryu

(Workshop level: L1-3, registration required)

Yukimura Harukis philosophical approach to Shibari was unique in the japanese szene and was often referred to as „caressing rope“. We take a quick glimpse at the concepts of Semenawa and Aibunawa, learn first basics of Yukimuras way of tying and experience its application.

We will give space to the introduction of a special mindset as well as possible approaches and behaviors in dealing with each other.


  • This workshop is suitable for all levels. Active participants should at least be able to tie a decent handcuff/square knot without thinking about it.
  • Since Shibari is ultimately a world of eroticism, there should be no fear of contact between the bondage partners.
  • You need at least 3 pieces of rope

Communication in Shibari

(Workshop level: L1-3)

Shibari can be an overwhelming emotional experience. But how do we turn a session into something special? What resources are available to the active part to trigger these special feelings?

We develop basic philosophical and technical approaches to communication with the goal of generating emotions.

The goal is that after the workshop all participants understand how to raise every bondage situation from the mere application of rope techniques to an emotional level.


  • This workshop is suitable for all levels.
  • Since Shibari is ultimately a world of eroticism, there should be no fear of contact between the bondage partners.
  • You need at least 5 pieces of rope


(Workshop level: L1-3)

Muga is a concept steeped in the Buddhist tradition. It refers to the ‘non-self’, emptiness, or being devoid of desire. As such, it is not the first thing that springs to mind when considering shibari. After all, isn’t the essence of any rope session also an exercise in desire and passion?

Michael Ropeknight considers himself fairly passionate but howcan an empty mind or egoless tying help or even improve our way of tying?

What benefits might this have on the relationship between model and rigger?

What steps can help us in reaching a muga state of mind?


  • This workshop is suitable for all levels.
  • You need at least 5 pieces of rope


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