Bergborg – Announcing presenter

Bergborg has been doing ropes for ten years. He is currently running the rope-studio Kokoro in Stockholm, Sweden, together with his partner sansblague. Bergborg teaches rope in different formats, in several long-term study-groups as well as offering thematic workshops, guided practice and private tuition. Since a couple of years, he is also giving historical lectures at the studio as well as abroad in a format he calls the Kinbaku Salon.

While the main focus is his regular teaching in Stockholm, Bergborg has also taught and lectured for example at EURIX in Berlin, LFRA in London, Shibari Festival in Helsinki, IRW in Utrecht, Kinbaku Lounge in Copenhagen, Laboratorio di Bondage in Torino, Studio 6×6 in Berlin…

On his blog KinbakuBooks, Bergborg shares parts of his collection of historical kinbaku-materials from Japan. The blog also offers a growing number of texts translated from Japanese into English, commissioned by Bergborg. Drawing on their academic background in the humanities, Bergborg and sansblague in 2016 made a series of in-depth interviews with thirteen key persons in the contemporary Kinbaku-scene in Japan. Insights from these interviews have been important for Bergborg’s further historical studies of the field.

At the Prague Shibari Festival, Bergborg is offering three historical lectures, bringing with him rare materials from his archive. Focus of the lectures will be:

  • Minomura Kou
  • Nureki Chimuo
  • Akechi Denki

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