Workshop Pleasure Neutral Rope: the subtle science of predicaments

(Presenter: Fred Hatt & Anna Bones, Workshop level: L3registration required)

Predicaments are Fred’s favourite form of rope play. Endurance, impossible choices, and playing with his bottom’s headspace are the key ingredients in the equation.

However predicaments can be be difficult to achieve without good knowledge of the body and extreme attention to detail and body cues. In this form of play rigger and model are working ‘against’ each other rather than with each other, so it becomes important to recognise ways in which the model can ‘cheat’ (Anna will be helping with this bit… sorry models! You’re welcome riggers!). It is also a form of play that can be quite exhausting for the rigger as it requires constant attention to the model and the ropes for it be safe.

In this class Fred and Anna propose to show you some of their favourite predicament ties and share detailed explanations about balance, body mechanics and build-up (of ties and endorphins) for both riggers and rope bottoms.

Expect hair ties, crotch ropes, neck ropes, and burning muscles. This class is not for the faint of heart.

Participants should be very familiar with at least the two rope TK. The class will involve the use of suspension lines.

Link to online registration (available from Tuesday 17.10.2017 8pm CET, please see Advanced workshops registration process information for details.

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