Docvale and Tyka – Announcing presenters


Docvale is a French kinbakushi (rigger) who has been interested in shibari from the BDSM world since 2007. In 2011, he meets Tyka and they begin to practice ropes together, influenced by Kinoko Hajime and Wildties styles.

In 2012, he began to teach kinbaku in Paris with his friend Wildties in a very regular way. At the same time, Tyka and he start doing workshops and performances across Europe.

The psychological aspect of ropes becomes more and more important for him and it is at this precise moment that he discovers the semenawa of Naka Akira. This style of kinbaku is a form of very psychological Japanese bondage which answer to all Docvale BDSM expectations, then he decides to devote himself entirely to this style of kinbaku. He becomes one of the first riggers to practice this style.

In continuation of their first meeting with Akira Naka in Rome in July 2015, Tyka and Docvale travel to Japan in March 2016 to meet the sensei (master) of the style. The purpose of their trip is to confront their work with the opinion of the latter.

From then, and on the recommendation of Naka Akira and Wildties, Docvale begins to work on his own style of ropes. After a year of trying to figure out which way to go, Docvale ended up getting a glimpse of what his own kinbaku might be and starting to move on his own path in which we can easily pick up old school kinbaku influences.


Tyka discovered kinbaku by watching a documentary in 2007 about Yakimura Haruki, and the world of ropes was then opened to her.

One thing leading to another, she met Docvale and they started practicing Kinbaku together in 2011. Since then, Docvale and her became partners in life, and they are following their own way into kinbaku.

Tyka also started to tie, following Docvale’s teaching, and since she is also giving most of beginner and advanced beginner classes to prepare students to Docvale’s intensives in France.

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Balanced and unblanced on the floor

(Workshop level: L2-3)

Playing on the floor is usually underestimated, there are lots of think that can be done to create a deep communication. During this class we will play with the balance of our partner as a way of communication, but we will also use it as a tool for body manipulation for a better experience on the floor.

Old school bondage without TK

(Workshop level: L1-3)

During this class we will develop a very constrictive bondage, in a very progressive and communicative way. We will take time to build our session, trying to have a precise communication with our partner and creating a beautiful Japanese aesthetic on the floor.

Old school inspiration suspension with transitions

(Workshop level: L3, registration required)

We will build a suspension using the modern technics of Kinbaku which is a interpretation of an old school and well known bondage from Nureki Chimuo. From there we will start transitioning and talk about all the other possibilities of transitions.

By the way, we will talk about the different ways to build this suspension, and explain which differences it makes in term of feeling and communication.


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