Fuoco – Announcing perfomer (cancelled)

Unfortunatelly Fuoco cancelled her trip to Europe, so she will not present at the Prague Shibari Festival 2018.

Fuoco began her rope journey as a bottom in Phoenix, Arizona 5 years ago. Since then she had the good fortune to spend a year in London where she gained exposure to the broader European rope scene and had the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented bottoms and riggers. Since moving back to the United States, she has presented at cons around the country sharing her love of rope. She is switchy in rope and a vocal advocate for rope bottoms.
When she’s not doing rope, Fuoco is a full-time circus student, and she is constantly training to build strength and flexibility. Her dedicated study of the mechanics of the body makes her especially interested in developing more comprehensive education for bottoms informed by these practices.

There are many places where you can learn more about Fuoco: her website, Facebook, Instagram, Fetlife.

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