Miss Eris and Maya Homerton – Announcing perfomer

  • Maya Homerton tied by Miss Eris picture by Juan Mir
  • Maya Homerton tied by Miss Eris pictures by Alba Gesti Make Up by Mirna R Zoombie
  • Maya Homerton tied by Miss Eris picture Bulpe

Miss Eris

Miss Eris is a international performer and teacher based between Barcelona and Berlin. Her journey into Shibari started in 2012 and since that she didn’t stopped travel to attend workshops and rope events. Most of her initial experience was thankfully for her modelling skills for workshops and photoshoots. After that, her interest into be a rigger came back and she decided put all the knowledge she learned into action on stage after being invited to various events and then starting to teach her point of view about ropes.

The mix of knowledges she got is thankful to various people into her life who support her interest in Shibari. She likes bring strong intention to her live shows, taking care of the aesthetics, ambient, music and the rope technique. Lucky enough to work with some of the top models, she also tie and practice with various type of bodies, genders, learn everyday from different experiences and is always open to new things to introduce to her performances and teaching skills, opening up the rope community to a more diverse, positive and with empowerment message to everyone.

She had attend various workshops such like: Kinoko, Kazami, Naka, Kanna, Gorgone, Pedro Cordas, EURIX event, and much more.

Eris is not part of any Ryu, she like keep open for various styles and techniques into her rope work. But could be said some of her best skills will be into dealing with body management and weight, due to her very small size and usually her models are much more bigger and taller than herself. Performative presence and flow skills due to her extensive experience into being on various different stages performing almost every week. Perspective as a model and rigger, but also as a self suspension acrobat.

She usually tend to tie and make comfortable base suspensions for play/practices. But often, depending of the model, build up a more strong intention to it and play with the edge/limits of the model. And bring into stage very strong, sadistic character who looks for beauty and challenges.

On her classes she like to give as much details and sense for each thing she teaches, a lot of feedback to the students and explanations. But she is not as serious as she looks like on stage/pictures.

You can find Miss Eris on Instagram.

Maya Homerton

Maya has a website www.mayahomerton.com.

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