Spreading wings

(Presenter: Kristina Marlen, Workshop level: L2-3, registration for part 1 required for suspension points, but also available without registration as there is a theoretical part on anatomy and some exercises on the floor, part 2 is without registration)

This workshop is all about the shoulder and upper torso.

We will start with a solid anatomical exploration of arms and shoulders, understand flexibilities and limitations, connections of arms, torso and spine. Following embodied learning, this will be bith theoretical and practical, with and without rope.

We will translate that knowledge into new options of improvisation as well as considering what this means for tying a TK , as people are different and have different bodystructures.

Presenting the modified Butterfly harness, we have new options to play with spread and restrain your partners wings out of gravity.

This workshop is divided to two parts – part one with a theoretical part on anatomy, some exercises on the floor and construction of the harness itself and part two with time to practise.

Link to online registration (available from Tuesday 17.10.2017 8pm CET, please see Advanced workshops registration process information for details.

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